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Crystal Creations

*RARE* MINT Bongo Beanie Baby 1995 With Tag

*RARE* MINT Bongo Beanie Baby 1995 With Tag

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Unveil Rarity: Crystal Creations' Pristine Rare Beanie Babies

Explore our collection of limited-edition Beanie Babies, each from a smoke-free environment, untouched and unshown. Elevate your collection with these exceptional companions, where uniqueness meets charm. Discover now.

***Bongo the Monkey*** Bongo is a happy-go-lucky monkey who loves to swing from trees. He has big, shining eyes and a sweet expression on his face. He is mainly brown with tan paws, tail, and face. He was born August 17, 1995 and has soft, plush fur, small rounded ears, a cute tail, and tiny hands and feet.

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