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Crystal Creations

*RARE* MINT Baba Beanie Baby 1996 With Tag

*RARE* MINT Baba Beanie Baby 1996 With Tag

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Unveil Rarity: Crystal Creations' Pristine Rare Beanie Babies

Explore our collection of limited-edition Beanie Babies, each from a smoke-free environment, untouched and unshown. Elevate your collection with these exceptional companions, where uniqueness meets charm. Discover now.

***Baba the Sheep Beanie Baby*** was released in 1996 and is in excellent mint condition making it a rare and adorable collectible! This plush sheep is a soft, creamy white with a bright yellow bow tied around its neck, adding a pop of color and whimsy to its classic design. With its gentle expression and soft, fluffy fur, Baba is a sweet and endearing addition to any collection. In mint condition, Baba’s velvety fur is perfectly preserved, showcasing the intricate details of its face and body. The yellow bow is still bright and vibrant, adding a touch of sunshine to this precious Beanie Baby. A true gem for any collector, Baba is a rare and valuable find that will bring joy and delight to any collection!


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