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Crystal Creations

*RARE* MINT 1997 Holiday Bear Beanie Baby With Tag

*RARE* MINT 1997 Holiday Bear Beanie Baby With Tag

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Unveil Rarity: Crystal Creations' Pristine Rare Beanie Babies

Explore our collection of limited-edition Beanie Babies, each from a smoke-free environment, untouched and unshown. Elevate your collection with these exceptional companions, where uniqueness meets charm. Discover now.

***The 1997 Holiday Beanie Bear*** is a rare and stunning gem! But remember, it's a mini! In mint condition, this plush bear is a vision that can accompany a tree, or any Christmas festivity. Its bright, shining eyes sparkle like holiday lights, and its sweet, smiling face is the epitome of seasonal cheer. The bear's adorable hat and scarf are perfectly knitted, adding a cozy touch to its already-cuddly appearance. With its pristine condition and delightful design, this Beanie Baby is a true holiday treasure that will be cherished for years to come! 🎄❤️

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